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About WISE

About WISE

W.I.S.E Fouder G. F. Bryant Jr., CHS-V, CMAS CAS-PSM, CAS-MSM, CAS-CTR   1950-2018
The original concept founded by Bob Bryant with the Bryant Group in the 1970’s, transformed in 1994 to become The WORLD INSTITUTE for SECURITY ENHANCEMENT (WISE). Since its founding, the institute has grown tremendously. As of 2018, The WORLD INSTITUTE for SECURITY ENHANCEMENT (WISE), Inc. provides Homeland Security Training and Consultation, to Industry and Government Agencies by an Internationally Respected Faculty. The Institute focuses on Protection of the World’s Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources, through Specialized Training, promoting Life Safety and National Security issues, providing Research & Development and serving as a “Think Tank”. Some areas of concentration include Threat Assessment, Risk Analysis, Contingency Planning, Incident Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Homeland Security, Telecommunications and Information Technologies. World Institute for Security Enhancement courses are provided at our training sites across the United States and throughout the World. Most Open Session Courses have been submitted, reviewed and are “Approved by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board”. This board regulates and licenses all Private Investigative, Security & CounterIntelligence activity within the State of North Carolina. The Institute serves as a Homeland Security training school and has appointed an Academic Advisory Council, with an international reputation, to provide guidance and enhance the faculty. Members of this Council include individuals with a wide range of academic, technical, and practical experience in the areas of: Training, Consulting, Design, Analysis, Operations, Research, Management and Implementation of Homeland Security and Life Safety.