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Robert L. Barnard; CPP, CHS-III

Robert L. Barnard; CPP, CHS-III

Robert L. Barnard; CPP, CHS-III


Technical Consultant

Certified in Homeland Security

Certified Protection Professional

Robert L. Barnard; CPP, CHS-III; is a member of the Advisory Board at the World Institute for Security Enhancement. He received his B. S. degree in Physics from American University in Washington, D. C., and is associated with the Bryant Group as part of an active career which has spanned over twenty years. He is an independent technical security consultant who in his previous government position was responsible for developing perimeter lighting systems to support visual and CCTV surveillance, perimeter barriers to deter & delay intruders, and response devices to deter intrusion for critical Department of Defense installations. He has developed standards for ultrasonic and microwave motion detectors for the National Bureau of Standards. He has conducted safeguard vulnerability analysis of an insider adversary threat to nuclear processing facilities and has conducted equipment training for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

He specializes in utility and industrial security consulting and has designed intrusion detection systems for several nuclear utility plants, and liquefied natural gas LNG) facilities. In 1980 Mr. Barnard designed the security system for the Olympic Village where the athletes for the 1980 Winter Games warehoused. He is a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) and served as Second Vice Chairperson of Committee F-12 on Security Systems and Equipment of the American Society for Test and Material (ASTM). Mr. Barnard has authored articles on the operation and application of intrusion detection equipment and is the author of the book entitled “Intrusion Detection Systems” published by Butterworth.