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Stephen Komorek Legacy

Stephen Komorek Legacy

Stephen Komorek

International Special Investigator
Security Consultant

Stephen Komorek: Mr. Komorek is a respected International Special Investigator, Instructor, and Director of Security Operations.

 As an instructor, Mr. Komorek trains Law Enforcement, Security, Government, and Agency Professionals in Close Quarter Battle (CQB), hand-to-hand combat, and advanced weapons training. He recruits and leads some of the best “Tier One” operators in the world.

As an Investigator, Mr. Komorek assists Law Enforcement agencies in witness interviews, narcotics, organized crime, corruption and homicide investigations. He also conducts high profile special investigations – worldwide for Federal, Private and Corporate clients. His investigative abilities contributed to his membership in the World Association of Detectives where he was selected to be the Sergeant at Arms for the Association in 2018.

As a director, Mr. Komorek plans, recruits and runs security operations and investigations worldwide.

Mr. Komoreks special investigations have consisted of a variety of cases, to include; Government Corruption, International Homicides, Money Laundering, Counter-Intelligence, Organized Crime, Human Trafficking, Serial Rapists, Counter-Terrorism, and K&Rs (Kidnap and Ransom).

He has experience working with and for many local, State, Federal and Department of Defense (DoD) teams. This experience includes, but is not limited to, work with Law Enforcement and Major Crimes Divisions in numerous states, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Secret Service, National Joint Terrorism Task Force (NJTTF), U.S. Marshals, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

Mr. Komorek worked with several Combined Joint Special Operation Task Forces (CJSOTFs) and went through some of the best training the Government and Military have to offer. He holds over 20 certifications in various intelligence disciplines to include courses in Leadership, Advanced Deception Techniques and Combating Human Trafficking.