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Rodney Allison, M.S.

Rodney Allison, M.S.

Rodney Allison, M.S.

Project Manager
Special Operations
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Rodney Allison; M.A.; is a member of the faculty at the World Institute for Security Enhancement and President and founder of the Momentum Foundation, Inc., a non-profit foundation providing world-leading engineering research & development as well as a wide range of other aviation and security services. He is a Partner and co-founder of Hero-Gear, LLC a privately owned company which provides retail and wholesale outlet for firearms, tactical equipment and ammunition. He is the President of XP Services, Inc. which provides experimental flight test services world-wide for both the private sector and government agencies. Mr. Allison’s extensive experience in the private business sector significantly contributes to the Foundation’s goals.With over 10,000 flight hours and qualified in over 130 different aircraft, Mr. Allison holds current Airline Transport Pilot, Flight Engineer, and Certified Flight Instructor certificates in both airplanes and helicopters and is typed-rated in several different aircraft to include the B767, B757, B727, A310, A300 just to name a few.

Mr. Allison brings extensive experience to the Foundation. As a former Research Professor at the University of Tennessee Space Institute, a federal and state law enforcement officer and a retired US Army officer, his worldwide assignments included places such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Mogadishu, Haiti, Bosnia, and Indonesia.

He has attended training in such courses as the US Navy Experimental Test Pilot School, BSR Executive Security Training Course, Electronic Surveillance-Counter Surveillance Training, DOD High Risk Survival S-V91-A (LXH), Joint Services SERE Agency, Operators Training Course for Combat Applications Group, Combat Applications Group Selection Course, Combined Service Support Program, and the Joint Air-Ground Operations School.His experiences as an Instructor Pilot and Engineering Test Pilot as well as a Program Manager make him well suited to manage the Foundation in its endeavor to use leading edge technology and training in support of the various government and private sector programs.

Mr. Allison earned a Bachelor of Science, in Professional Aeronautics and an Associate of Science, Business Administration from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and holds a Master of Science with Thesis in Aviation Systems from the University of Tennessee Space  Institute.