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William Van Ritch; M.A.

William Van Ritch; M.A.

William Van Ritch, M.A.

Project Manager
Special Operations
Intelligence Activities


William Van Ritch; M.A.; is a member of the faculty at the World Institute for Security Enhancement and has a Masters of Arts Degree in Security Management. He has more than twenty years of combined experience in the areas of special operations, intelligence activities, investigations and industrial security. As Operations Officer for the Allied Counterintelligence Group in Europe, Mr. Ritch managed and directed all counterespionage operations, investigations and technical security services throughout the NATO alliance. He coordinated directly with senior investigative officials regarding joint investigative activities while also producing and disseminating counterterrorist and hostile intelligence service threat assessments.

At the U. S. Army Special Forces Command, Fort Bragg, N.C., Mr. Ritch was the senior Intelligence Officer for the command responsible for managing, supervising and directing security and intelligence activities supporting Special Forces operations and training. He was responsible for all physical, information, personnel, and ADP security for the command and its subordinate units. While several of his previous assignments were of a classified nature; other significant duties are listed below:

Mr. Ritch supervised Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Security operations in the Middle East and Africa which supported Special Operations and also coordinated support to the security programs of diplomatic posts in those regions. He was principal liaison officer between the staff and select Department of Defense and Federal Intelligence Agencies.

While chief of field training for the Army’s survival school which trained select high risk personnel Mr. Ritch developed sensitive material in the areas of evasion, resistance, and escape. He also developed and implemented a specialized anti-terrorist, personal protection program for executive personnel traveling in high threat areas.

As Commander of a unique Special Forces “A” Detachment he was responsible for insuring the team remained proficient in Special Forces skills. He provided realistic live-fire training for select Special Operations and Federal Law Enforcement Personnel.

As Director of the U. S. Counterespionage Section in West Berlin, Mr. Ritch managed U.S. and foreign counterintelligence investigators in a wide variety of operations and projects which directly protected the security of the U. S. Command. He coordinated all counterespionage investigations and source operations within the American sector of Berlin and directed debriefings of refugees with hostile intelligence/criminal contact. Mr. Ritch Spotted assessed, and recruited sources to be used in sensitive intelligence operations and coordinated investigations and source operations with other U.S. and Allied agencies.