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Susan Procopio

Susan Procopio

Susan Procopio

Security Consultant

Project Management

Government Compliance

Susan Procopio; is a member of the faculty at the World Institute for Security Enhancement.  She has over 25 years of Defense Department contracting & commercial industry security experience in the management, coordination, administration, in support of classified government and commercial programs.  Ms. Procopio is associated with the Bryant Group and has supported major department of defense programs, such as Iraqi Freedom, Desert storm, Army TENCAP and has been involved with numerous survivability/vulnerability assessments.

Ms. Procopio is currently a security consultant to two major commercial industries, supporting oil & gas production and international infrastructure reconstruction programs. Additionally, Ms. Procopio consults with several major domestic and international metals industry firms. As a Security Consultant for Panhandle Pipeline Company, Ms. Procopio is responsible for the development of Panhandle pipeline corporate security policies and procedures, corporate liaison between local, state, and federal authorities on all security matters, and develops tabletop emergency response exercises. Additionally, Ms. Procopio has developed corporate security policies & procedures for Reynolds International Management Services.

Ms. Procopio worked as the Project Security Officer for two classified, multi-million dollar programs for Kellogg Brown & Root in support of operation Iraqi Freedom. She developed the Standard Operating Procedures for both classified programs.  Ensured compliance with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) and assisted in obtaining/certifying a SIPRNET system.

For 14 years, Susan Procopio worked as the Office Manager and Project Administrator for the Springfield Research Facility (SRF), which is comprised of 11 different contractors in support of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.  As the Office Manager, Ms. Procopio supervised the security department, computer services and administration.  As a Project Administrator, she was deployed with a team of technical experts to conduct survivability/vulnerability assessments of military, civilian and critical infrastructures throughout the world.  When required, traveled in advance of the team to ensure that the site was prepared to handle the arrival and support the work of the team. While on the vulnerability assessment, Ms. Procopio handled security matters and acted as the security manager for the team.  Ms. Procopio’s Department of Defense security clearances are presently current.