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Rocco Procopio; M.S., CMAS, CIPS, CESP, SSO, CSO, CIMT, FPSO

Rocco Procopio; M.S., CMAS, CIPS, CESP, SSO, CSO, CIMT, FPSO

Rocco  Procopio;  M.S.



Project Manager

Special Operations

Technical Consultant


Rocco Procopio; M.S., CMAS, CIPS, CESP, FPSO, SSO, CIMT; is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) at the World Institute for Security Enhancement with more than twenty five years of counter-terrorist and security management experience in support of international Department of Defense initiatives. He has a Masters of Science degree in International Relations and is associated with the Bryant Group. His technical expertise includes conducting vulnerability assessments, weapons effects predictions, and counter proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). He has significant experience estimating and analyzing the effects of conventional weapons and the terrorist methodology utilized against strategic infrastructure and industrial systems, subsystems and components. 

While assigned to various Special Operations organizations, Mr. Procopio was formally educated in advance counter-terrorism tactics and procedures involving security enhancements and terrorist countermeasures. He was instrumental in developing threat awareness programs to assist and advise ranking members of the Executive Branch on deliberate explosive attacks against individual, stationary, and motorcade personnel. He aided in the development and implementation of Diplomatic and Executive VIP protection plans designed to reduce individual vulnerability to terrorist attacks overseas. 

As a member of the Unites States Army Special Forces, Mr. Procopio was involved in conducting numerous vulnerability assessments on various “High Threat” U.S. Diplomatic posts worldwide. His specific responsibilities included providing threat analysis and physical security assistance to U.S. Department of State personnel and host country protection forces. He also provided the Department of State with detailed facility improvement recommendations and crises management training in response to terrorist threats or actions.

Mr. Procopio has co-authored numerous technical field reports relating to blast over-pressures and structural response. He is a member of the American Society for Industrial Security.