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Ron Montgomery

Ron Montgomery

Ron Montgomery

Project Manager
Special Operations
Technical Consultant


Ron Montgomery; is the Director of Special Operations at the World Institute for Security Enhancement.  He is a former U. S. Navy SEAL, Chief Warrant Officer, with more than 25 years experience in operations and administration. Much of his experience was gained as the tactics officer/operative of the Navy SEAL Anti-Terrorism unit, Naval Security Coordination Team, better known as “REDCELL”. While a member of “REDCELL” Mr. Montgomery provided oversight and instructed security workshops in force protection, anti-terrorism, improvised explosive device recognition, vehicle search procedures and emergency command post procedures at Naval facilities worldwide. As the supervisor of the asset recovery training he instructed foreign military personnel in the recovery of high value off shore structures, i.e., gas & oil platforms. He brings continuity and focus to Force Protection, Anti-Terrorism, Physical and Personnel Security Issues.

As a Security Consultant for the Presidential Security Task Force, Mr. Montgomery has conducted security training for PSTF personnel on security awareness and anti-terrorism. Mr. Montgomery completed a Threat Analysis and Vulnerability Analysis of Government buildings within the State of Vermont and three mid-Atlantic military bases. The Vermont State project totaled 78 individual buildings located in various communities across the state. These were a miscellany of facilities including the Capital, Supreme Court, Governors’ office, Attorney Generals’ building, a correctional facility and Heath Department laboratories. All data supported an interim and final report suitable for budget briefings and final recommendations on risk mitigation.

Mr. Montgomery was a Security Enhancement Training Instructor (SET) for Department Of Defense personnel at the Defense Logistics Agency He co-authored a break contact and evade curriculum stressing personal survival skills needed for novice travelers and ranking members of the DLA in hostile locations. It encompassed training in lodging & work place security, urban/rural survival, anti-terrorism, weapons training, personal vehicle search procedures, convoy procedures, and improvised explosive device recognition.

He has lectured at the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy and at COPEX trade shows on Maritime Security, Shipboard anti-terrorism and emergency command post procedures.