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Christopher Kerley, B.A.

Christopher Kerley, B.A.

Christopher Kerley; B. A.


 Critical Care Paramedic

  Certified EMS Instructor 



Christopher Kerley, B. A.; is a member of the  Faculty at the World Institute for Security Enhancement. Mr. Kerley is presently a Director for the Center for MEDICS in Cambridge, Massachusetts. A Critical Care Paramedic and Emergency Medical Services Instructor by profession, Mr. Kerley is a internationally recognized Instructor in Emergency Medicine with expertise in Resuscitation Team training. He has published clinical research papers on resuscitation science, and has lectured nationally and internationally on Advanced Airway Management and Trauma Team training. Mr. Kerley educates and trains about two thousand medical professionals annually, from tactical medics to Harvard Medical Students. He is highly experienced in both pre-hospital and remote care medicine with extensive international experience throughout the United States, Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia.