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Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson



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Tim Johnson; is a member of the faculty of the World Institute for Security Enhancement. Mr. Johnson is the President and founder of Technical Security Consultants, Inc., His formal career in security began more than twenty years ago with the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).

He received advanced training in the areas of electronic countermeasures (debugging), specialized investigative support (bugging), investigative photography, locks and alarms, barrier and physical defense, and other courses of instruction taught by the AFOSI, the CIA and the FBI, and was further certified as a Technically Trained Special Agent.

While Division Chief at Maxwell AFB, his division was responsible for providing all electronic countermeasures sweeps as well as investigative support for hostage, criminal, and counter espionage investigations, where they worked closely with the FBI and local state agencies. They also supported several worldwide Air Force criminal and counter intelligence investigations, working closely with middle and high level foreign governments officials.

Mr. Johnson worked at the NASA Johnson Space Center as a Physical Security / Investigative Specialist. He developed the electronic countermeasures program to protect information relevant to classified Space Shuttle missions, and provided personal protection to various astronauts and their families, as well as in-transit security to the Space Shuttle and its 747 carrier aircraft.

Mr. Johnson assisted in establishing the electronic countermeasures program for protection of classified information at DOE headquarters. He provided support to Naval Nuclear Research facilities, SCIF’s, closed sessions of Congress in energy related hearings, other nuclear related activities and technical support to other federal agencies located overseas.

Mr. Johnson has had articles published in various security magazines, publishes his own newsletter and has written two books.