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Zach Grove

Zach Grove

Zach Grove, is the Director of Technical Surveillance and Chair of Technical Surveillance for the Academic Advisory Board at WISE. A CIA veteran of more than a decade, Zach Grove spent the bulk of his federal career serving the CIA as both an Operations Officer and as a Staff Operations Officer in the National Clandestine Service’s Counter-Terrorism Center (CTC).

While with CTC, Zach spearheaded successful offensive operations against high-value target (HVT) terrorist leaders and affiliates in the aftermath of 9/11. Mr. Grove was chief of base in notoriously hostile environments and served in Southwest Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

In 2010, Zach founded Armada Global, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based risk management firm specializing in high-tech surveillance and corporate security solutions. In this capacity, Zach developed and built technical surveillance platforms that he incorporated into Armada’s day-to-day investigations. Zach’s expertise in surveillance technology integration into traditional capabilities has been sought after by private investigators and law enforcement around the globe.

Zach has been trained in surveillance tactics by one of the most elite organizations and has participated in countless surveillance operations against the hardest of targets including terrorists, intelligence officers, organized crime members, criminal gangs, narcotics traffickers, and countless fraud investigations.