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Mike Lacorte

Mike Lacorte

Mike Lacorte is the Director of International Investigations and sits on the Academic Advisory Board as Chair of International Investigations. Mike has worked in the investigation industry for more than 20 years. His early experience was out in the field gathering intelligence, which proved vital in understanding the process of professionally collating and presenting evidence, which is fully admissible in legal proceedings.

Mike is the CEO of Conflict International which started in 2008 following a merger. The company has grown to become leading specialists in intelligence, investigation and surveillance with its head office in London and further branches in New York and Marbella.

Mike is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian and has a good knowledge of world economies thanks to his background in business and finance.

In October 2017, Mike was elected President of the World Association of Detectives and in September 2018 he became Chairman of the organisation. He is also a member of The Association of British Investigators and regularly attends conferences and ongoing training seminars to remain up to date with current legislation and new investigator techniques and processes, as well as being a member of several other industry bodies including Asociacion Profesional de Detectives Privados de EspaƱa (APDPE) where Mike has been accepted as an overseas member.

Mike prefers to maintain direct liaison with clients so he can understand the investigation and give clear advice, as well as managing and coordinating the process throughout the intelligence gathering phases through to live field assignments in complex high-profile international investigations.