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Jennifer Yousif

Jennifer Yousif

Jennifer Yousif is the CEO of Mediterranean Linguistic Services LLC., launched in Florida in 2016. MLS LLC focuses primarily on Arabic, French, Russian Training as well as translation services. MLS LLC also offers training on mulitdialects of Arabic (Egyptian, Levant, Iraqi, Yemeni, Sudanese, etc). She has been an Arabic language & Culture consultant for CENTCOM since 2015. Jennifer Yousif is an Associate Economics professor with Valencia College Social Sciences Department, where she has been a faculty since 2009. Prior to, she was an Arabic language instructor with the U.S. Special Forces Language School for five years at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

While at Fort Bragg, Ms. Yousif conducted various roundtable discussions and briefed senior ranking officials on various topics focused on economics, politics, language, Middle East geopolitics, education, terrorism, Social Media/ Aljazeera activities and Middle Eastern culture. She earned her master’s degree in social sciences with a concentration in both Economics & Political Science from University of Central Florida (2008). Also, she holds a graduate certificate in Community College Education, as well as A Military Training Instructor Foreign Language Certificate (2013)

In 2009, Prof. Yousif began teaching Economics (Macro 2013 & Micro 2023) & Political Science (POS 2041) at Valencia College Winter Park Campus and West Campus. She has since written four books on the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) in Arabic.

Some of her graduate research work includes — Impact of International Agreement specifically “Kyoto Protocol” on the US Economy; Social Economic Experiments of Game Theory; Middle East Economic Development; and Curriculum Development & Assessment in Adult Learning.

Jennifer is originally from Egypt but grew up in Sudan. She now devotes her time to training and educating law enforcement and military on the topics of Arabic, terrorism financing, Jihadist social media, and thwarting terrorism activities within the U.S.