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CCI – Competitive CounterIntelligence

CCI – Competitive CounterIntelligence


As international business competition increases and the need for information becomes essential to success and survival, U.S. corporations must understand how they can protect themselves and collect information at the same time. Now, more than ever, global competition demands accurate and timely business intelligence. Also, foreign intelligence organizations, who previously targeted government organizations, are now directing their efforts at industry which is seldom prepared to defense against such sophisticated adversaries. Management which buries it’s head in the sand will eventually find itself no longer competitive and ultimately consumed. This course is designed to provide information which will assist in establishing or enhancing programs to protect multinational businesses & government contractors and how to collect business information to assist organizations in the conduct of their operations.

This Counterintelligence program is aimed at those who wish to improve their understanding of the threat to proprietary information today. Advice on how to develop defensive as well as offensive programs will be provided.  Methods for establishing an aggressive intelligence program and an effective Operational Security (OpSec) program will be covered as well as techniques for assessing your proprietary vulnerabilities.



This course is specifically designed for Business Leaders and Corporate Executives who wish to better understand the international business environments they are competing against and who need to know the potential threats they are facing. It is also designed to help them understand how to develop effective long range strategies for the success and survival of their businesses. This course also assists Directors of Security & Risk Management, Project Managers, Intelligence Analysts and Critical Personnel who are responsible for ensuring corporate and industrial Operational Security programs, against competitors in today’s marketplace, with the nature of the threat to Classified and Proprietary Information and the ways that it can be countered. This program provides attendees with processes that can be implemented and applied to situations when designing and maintaining ease dropping defenses.

Upon successful completion of this Training Program, a Mounted Certificate of Completion will be awarded in “Countering Terrorism & the Asset Threat Spectrum.”



Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are nationally recognized units in qualified programs which allow participants to document all non-credited work completed. CEUs may be used as evidence of increased performance capabilities and for job advancement, and are recognized by many professional organizations and companies.


Documentation of attendance at these programs may be submitted to the ASIS Professional Certification Board for consideration of re-certification credit by qualified Certified Protection Professionals.



This “Competitive Counter-Intelligence”  program has been reviewed and is “Approved by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board”. This Board regulates and licenses all Private Investigative, Security, & Counterintelligence activity within the State.




Gregory Scott


Additional Instruction may be provided by other faculty members




CCI – Competitive Counter-Intelligence




CCI-01    The Threat Today

                    CCI-02    Current Trends

                    CCI-03    The Value of Information

                    CCI-04    Potential & Likely Targets

                    CCI-05    Offensive Counter-Intelligence

                    CCI-06    Defensive Counter-Intelligence

                    CCI-07    Operational Security

                    CCI-08    Security Education & Implementation in the Workplace

                    CCI-09    Defensive Counter-Intelligence

– Effective Security Training
– Security Programs & Education
– Vulnerability Assessments
– Threat Assessments
– Counter-Intelligence Networking
– Background Investigations
– Data Security and Vulnerabilities

                       CCI-10    Offensive Counter-Intelligence

– Competitive Intelligence
– Organizing and Intelligence Program
– Developing an Offensive Capability
– Training Your Employees
– Directing / Targeting Collection
– Open Sources & Surveys
– Source Operations
– Data Collection
– Key Personality Assessments

                       CCI-11    Use of Counter-Intelligence to Beat the Competition

                       CCI-12    Technical Counter-Intelligence

                       CCI-13    Future Trends

                       CCI-14    Information Resources

                       CCI-15    Panel Discussion


Day 108:00 AM Registration & Check-in                                        

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08:30 AM


Welcome & IntroductionExecutive Director
World Institute for Security Enhancement
Each Day Seminar  Format
08:00 – 12:00 Lecture / Discussion
12:00 Noon Lunch
13:00 – 17:00 PM Lecture / Discussion
17:00 PM Adjourn


The above timetable approximates the schedule for this course.

Instructors may choose to vary the program and any changes will be announced.




World Institute for Security Enhancement courses are provided at our training sites across the United States and throughout the World. Most Open Session Courses  have been reviewed and are “Approved by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board”.  This Board regulates and licenses all Private investigative, Security and Counterintelligence activity within the State of North Carolina.

ENROLLMENT:  Classroom space is limited. Please reserve your place now!

COURSE FEE:  $1,450.00 (USD)

$2,950.00 (SGD) All Course Offerings Outside of the Americas

FEE INCLUDES:  The course registration fee includes a attendee Reference Manual, Program Materials, a Mounted Certificate, and Daily Refreshments for most programs held at our United States training sites.

PAYMENT:  Payment in U. S. dollars is required with your registration form and must be received at least thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the Class. Payment not received on time will automatically be placed in the next scheduled class.  Payment by Check or Money Order drawn on a U. S. Bank, in U. S. Dollars (USD), are accepted. Purchase orders or Training Requisition Forms Do Not constitute payment. Bank Transfers are Not accepted.

MEALS:  Lunches will not be provided.

DRESS:  Business casual is the recommended daily attire.

REFUNDS / CANCELLATIONS: The Institute reserves the right to amend any program should circumstances warrant such action. In the event of course postponement or cancellation, the Institute will reschedule the course, or apply the fee payment to any other program offered in the next twelve months. Liability for course cancellation is specifically limited to the amount of prepaid course fees and excludes any incidental or consequential damages. Attendees must confirm cancellations or substitutions, in writing, at least THIRTY (30) days prior to the initial class date. Substitutions may be made, with written notice to the Institute, at least thirty (30) days prior to class commencement. There will be a 10% administrative fee for such a cancellation. Otherwise, fees are not refundable but may be transferred to another program of your choosing.

INSTRUCTION:  While every effort is made to assure that scheduled instructors, equipment and training materials are present, unforeseen circumstances may occur. Therefore, the Institute reserves the right to substitute personnel and curriculum as required.